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Connections of Maluckyday are getting ready up for another shot at the 2011 Melbourne Cup. “He’s coming along nicely but won’t be ready to race until the end of the month,” Hawkes said. “We’ve got one aim with him this spring (the Melbourne Cup).”

Horse racing fixtures

Horse racing has become one of the most popular equestrian sports in the world despite its non-inclusion in the Olympics. In fact, horse racing has maintained its fame and popularity even before the start of the modern Olympics in 1894 as derbies became a common even in the United States and England in the late nineteenth century. Since then, horse racing has seen a lot of development in the rules and regulations besides a massive improvement in the quality of sport.


Horse racing now constitutes a major sporting activity in many countries with derbies attracting millions of spectators and television viewers. Naturally, horse racing fixtures are keenly observed by the bookmakers as this game boasts of the biggest volume of betting money as compared to any other sport and even the traditional casino gambling. Punters have fallen in love with horse racing over the years as it provides the great opportunity to maximize profits by placing multiple bets and wagering on a number of horse racing fixtures.

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Before placing a bet, however, it is important to find more about the horse racing fixtures and the exact date of the meetings; this is necessary to ascertain the amount of money being wagered on these meetings and the number of punters placing their bets on these horse racing fixtures. Another factor that plays an important role is the relative importance of horse racing fixtures in the betting circuit. A wagering on relatively unknown derbies will hardly bring any big money though it also will not eat up the savings of a punter; major derbies, on the other hand, often have higher betting odds that cannot be afforded by a novice punter.

Picking a fixture

As mentioned earlier, horse racing fixtures play a crucial role in the bookmaking industry as they dictate the number of bets and amount of money to be wagered on a particular horse race meeting. Novice punters often confuse horse racing fixtures and are unable to make full use of these events to improve their betting strategies. Unfortunately, the traditional method of finding out about the latest horse racing fixtures has long been over and is replaced by modern tools i.e. Internet. There would be hardly any punters now that go through the heavy volumes of betting journals to find about the latest horse racing fixtures; simply put, it is a long and tiresome process that is not compatible with the contemporary information age.

Now one can find out about all the horse racing fixtures in a particular region of Australia by just logging on to one of the numerous betting Web sites. These sites contain a plethora of information regarding horse betting including up- to-date information about the horse racing fixtures. For example, if a punter wants to wager his money on a major derby being held in England within a fortnight, he can simply search for the related information and the site will display a number of options. Additionally, the same Web site will also allow the punters to wager their bets on that specific derby with many great betting odds.

Betting Web sites have taken an edge over traditional betting procedures by following the above-mentioned ways of attracting customers. The one window operation encourages punters to wager their money on the same site instead of looking for bookmakers, deciphering the odds on offer and picking the right ones for a derby. They can do all of these things within a few minutes on a betting site and without any hassle. The mode of payment is also online as compared to cash regularly used in traditional betting. Betting sites ensure a safe transaction by employing many Internet safety protocols that leave no room for any hacking or data theft.

Given this great ease with which one can find horse racing fixtures and place bets on them, many people are now turning to online betting sites. They find them hassle-free and a quick way of placing their bets along with a safe and secure online payment system. The increasing popularity of horse racing fixtures and the associated betting means that online betting sites are here to stay, and here to grow. From the Victoria Derby to the Melbourne Cup online betting sites will always be the place to go for the best horse race betting odds.